1. My website does not appear in the position you report.
This is the search position that an average unbiased user will see. Google provides personalised search based on past search history so if you have been searching for your own site repeatedly on your computer you may find that your site appears higher in the search results list. But this is not necessarily what your potential customers are seeing.

2. I disagree with the number of inbound links. Where does this number come from?
We use a leading industry source to obtain this information. They look at millions of sites to build a comprehensive list of who is linking to whom. The web is an ever-changing landscape, so this number can vary from day to day. A good SEO strategy should aim to increase this number.

3. I think I have less/more pages on my website.
This is not the same as the number of pages your site actually has, but the ones that Google can find! for example, if your navigation is in Flash, you may be linking to pages on your site, but Google cannot see those links. So your pages could be invisible to the search engines. If you have content on your site, you should make sure that it is available to the search engines.

4. I bought the Full SEO Audit. How do I change a keyword or a competitor?
You can add up to 10 keywords and up to 5 competitors. If you would like to add or update your keywords or competitors please call our dedicated Client Services team on 0800 011 2726 and they should be able to assist you.

5. I bought the Full SEO Audit. I haven't received my monthly performance report. What do I do?
Check your inbox and junk mailbox. If the report is not there then please call our dedicated Client Services team on 0800 011 2726 and they should be able to assist you.

6. I ran a Free SEO Audit. What do these emoticons mean?
At SEOTrackz we aim to provide you with useful information that can help you improve your website rankings. We also think it is very important to know how you stack up against your competitors and against other small and medium business websites. Therefore we have created the first of its kind UK Small and Medium Business (SME) website benchmark. We have scanned thousands of websites that are similar to yours. We compare your Inbound links and Indexed pages to this benchmark. The emoticons indicate where your website stands in relation to the UK SME website benchmark. The logic that we apply is:

Great search position is the ultimate goal! The higher up you appear in Google search results the more traffic you could get. The logic behind the keyword ranking emoticons is: