With 80% of all internet traffic coming from search engines like Google it is becoming increasingly important for business to ensure their website appears high in the search engine results.

SEOTrackz is an easy to use tool that provides you with vital information about the search engine optimisation of your website.

10 Keyword Rankings

SEOTrackz allows you to monitor up to 10 key phrases of your choise. Each monthly report will show you if your website position in Google's search result pages has changed.

See if people can find your website when looking for your products or services.


Competitive Intelligence

With SEOTrackz you can monitor up to 5 of your online competitors.

Find out how many links their websites have, where they are getting the links from, and how their website positions change as a result of that.

Detailed how-to-guides

With our easy-to-use guides you can learn the Search Engine Optimisation basics and start improving your website's visibility immediately.

Learn how to do your website Search Engine Optimisation and take full control of this process.


Monthly Reporting

SEOTrackz provides you with 12 monthly reports that show how each your website metrics change over time.

Want to dig deeper? Every monthly report is archived for a later use. This allows you to monitor the progress of your work and see how it pays off over time.